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Published: 20/02/2019

Dear Client, We are truly sorry for any interruption in your service if your reseller is located n server 3 due to a data issue this server is no longer active. We have tried to inform the small number of clients effected and have moved many already over to server 4. if you can still access your hosting on server 3 please backup all information and we will move your service over to server 4. ...


Published: 19/02/2019

Please backup your accounts we are moving all services to server 4 please do this withing 48-72 hours if you need any help please contact us via live support. Sorry for any problems caused.

Valentines Day Special

Published: 14/02/2019

50% off all our hosting products this even includes  Reseller Hosting Website Hosting IceCast Servers ShoutCast Servers Offer ends 20th Feb 1 per customer one off discount normal fee will reapply after first month